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Fact: Women buy (products made by men)
Over 10,000 working hours and more than 1500 women worldwide were involved in a unique research study, which analyzed female tech-preferences and how to best embrace these insights within product development.

This masterclass will present the results of a 3-year design research program called "female interaction" co-financed by the Danish Governments program for user-driven innovation - a cross disciplinary project bringing together scientists, designers and innovation experts from 3 leading tech companies: Bang & Olufsen, GN Netcom and Danfoss.
In this Webinar, you'll learn:
  • Womenomics Trends Data: Female business insights and the innovation potential overseen in the (tech) industry
  • Made by Men, Bought by Women:  How does a  female's approach to technology differ from a male's?
  • Female Interaction Principles for Making the Female Tech Approach Operational:  Go beyond pink
  • 4 Female Tech User Profiles: Ways to avoid stereotypic gendered thinking and tools to enhance user focus
  • Case study Illustrating Potential for User-experience Innovation: How  to redesign a specific tech-product (a mobile headset from Jabra) based on insights from female values and a female approach to technology
  • Female Innovation Strategy Outline: How to meet the preferences of the female users and consumers through innovative research & design process
Presenter:  Klaus Schroeder, Design-Director & Partner, Head of Female Interaction Research
Space is limited! Register today!

Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012 
Time: 12:00 PM EST 
Duration: 1 hour 
Host(s): Front End of Innovation 
Klaus Schroeder is design director and partner at – an international Danish design consultancy specialised in advanced interaction design. Klaus Schroeder holds a Master degree in Industrial design from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig. Klaus combines successful and award winning international design results for the industry with research in the field of interaction and user-experience design and he serves as lecturer and an appointed examiner at different Design Schools.
As head of the 3-year long ”Female Interaction” design research project, co-financed by the Danish Government’s program for user-driven innovation, Klaus Schroeder has become an authority within the field of gendered innovation and gender specific design and has advised both in the United Nations and the European Union.

Jonah Lehrer is one of those unique individuals who can discuss the frontal cortex of the brain in a way that's interesting enough to land him an appearance as a guest on the Stephen Colbert Show. His age places him in the gray area between Gen X-Yers and Millenials which makes him a pop-culture thinker at the forefront of a generation inundated with gadgets and devices and defined by social media.  Jonah Lehrer will be speaking for us this year at FUSE. He is also a noted "provovateur" at the Creative Leadership Academy.

I hand it to Double Triple - on the design of Lehrer's website. I wanted to write a bit about Jonah for this blog and the site gives a one page immediate experience as to what he is all about. I can't really top what they did so check that out here (Jonah Lehrer's website).

Jonah Lehrer's style and approach is reminiscent of one of his strong supporters, Malcolm Gladwell, who's made many appearances at our events. Both have written for The New Yorker.  And they both come from academic backgrounds that would most likely either bore or confuse the pants off of the rest of us. But they share a very powerful trait. They have both integrated their intellectual backgrounds into popular culture so that the rest of us can share in their brilliance. Looking forward to seeing Jonah at the FUSE event this year!
"In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do. The worst thing you can do is nothing." - Theodore Roosevelt 

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This weekend I paid a visit to the 20th annual Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Garden. This NYC tradition features more than 140 miniature replicas of city landmarks. Each year more buildings are added; including various historic mansions, the old Pennsylvania station, Yankee Stadium, the Guggenheim museum and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Each building is constructed out of natural materials like bark, leaves, twigs, fungi and nuts.

More than just a testament to some of the unique architecture that the city contains, the show pays tribute to creativity. Maybe I am just preoccupied by the upcoming Creative Leadership Academy, but I can't help but think that the act having to create these sculptures with very limited materials actually drives the end result to be much more interesting.

This year's event featured a new section "The Artists Studio" that gave an insider look at the process behind the finished product.
First the core structures are built.

Various plant life supplies for building.

The finished product.

You can also view a time-lapse video of NYBG's "Applied Imagination" staff putting together the exhibit here.

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