Introducing the Creative Leadership Academy

Wall Street pressures are at an all-time high and incremental isn’t cutting it. Stakeholders expect dramatic results. The buzzword du jour is “different”.

Where do you go to learn to think different… to be different… to deliver different?

Enter The Creative Leadership Academy (CLA), brought to you by the world’s largest business to business information company IIR, an Informa company. Some brands you might recognize are FEI, The Market Research Event, Shopper Insights in Action, and FUSE.

CLA is unique from anything else we do or anything else out there. It’s holistic in design and 100% engineered to be actionable. It is not a conference, it is not training, and it is not a commercial platform. There are no exhibition booths, no pay to speak vendor sessions, and no excuses. It is 100% driven by pure content and instructional education in play.

To ensure individual goals are achieved and personalized attention is afforded all academy participants will complete a LEAF creativity assessment in conjunction with our academy partner Binghamton University prior to attending. The onsite LEAF workshop will address your specific areas of growth and opportunity.

You will learn by hearing.

The syllabus starts with real world business cases that demonstrate creativity in practice and directly link back to business results.

You will believe by seeing.

Second, you engage with the world’s most passionate and provocative thinkers including Dan Pink and Jonah Lehrer. These provocateurs expand your mind and encourage a creative flow allowing for the creative process to begin. These sessions stimulate your thinking.

You will achieve by doing.

And third, YOU become a creator through hands on sessions run by qualified instructors including a flavor scientist, food stylist and storytelling expert.

Creativity isn’t restricted to any one industry or discipline. Creativity is the core competency every business leader needs to be able to solve problems in an increasingly complex world.

We believe that we’ve curated a sensorially balanced, rigorous experience that inspires, provokes, proves and DEVELOPS creative talent for ALL leaders – those who want to become creative and those wanting to become MORE creative.

In a world where creativity is a leadership requirement, it’s reassuring to know that Creativity can be taught. Enrollment limited to 150.

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