Private Brand Pulse: J. Duncan Berry, Neuromarketer and Principal of Applied Iconology

Leading up to the 2011 Private Brand Movement event, we're getting in touch with some of our most exciting speakers as part of our Private Brand Pulse series.

Today, we have an interview with J. Duncan Berry, Neuromarketer and Principal of Applied Iconology, Inc. Berry is a "visual equity analyst." His work centers on re-animating a brand's sensory equities in order to expand emotional connections with consumers/customers.

For many years managing director of a high-end, private label import company, Berry has extensive experience with global enterprise process management, marketing, systems design and quality control. He also maintains an international reputation as an art and architectural historian, publishing and lecturing at universities and academic symposia in the United States and Europe.

Berry was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Vienna (Austria), an IREX Scholar at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany), a Fellow of the Institute of International Studies, and University Fellow at Brown University where he received both his Ph. D. and A. M. degrees in the History of Art and Architecture. He received his undergraduate degree (with honors) from The College of Wooster (Wooster, OH).

Duncan will be presenting "Retailers Gets a Boost from Science: How Neuromarketing Translates from Going Deep to GROWING Your Business."

Private brands can rarely marshal the funds necessary to compete with the big global players in insight research, design strategy and related analytics—but this doesn’t mean they should just mimic category leaders. In fact, retailers need to begin to master the principles of the new generation of consumer insight work, including neuromarketing and related methods of grasping WHY consumers purchase what they do. Unless you know what motivates category growth, your demographics and segmentation will not get you very far.

Dr. J. Duncan Berry will take you on 45 minute tour of the emerging field of neuromarketing research and the methods used to make these findings actionable. Berry will offer examples of the new strategic and tactical thinking that you can use immediately to go deeper and better understand what moves your market.

In our interview, Duncan discussed the evolving field of Neuromarketing and the ways that Private Brands can leverage it as an element of their "research tool kit." To listen to our podcast with him, click here.

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Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at



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