Movements + Moments: Do you socialize?

Have you had one of those moments recently where you say, "funny" [in an uplifting tone] then "sad" [in a descending tone]? You can almost hear it, "funny, sad." Here are a few of mine, to amuse.

Had a lawyer describe a competitive lawyer as being "really good at marketing his practice," as if it was a bad thing. The recipient of this comment has a popular intellectual property blog called "Duets, Creativity and the Law," and dare I say he even tweets a bit.

Funny, sad.

We've have presentations with clients where they say, we don't want to have to talk about our name with people. We want our name to describe exactly what we do. Really? You don't want to be social or have a good story to tell about your name?

Funny, sad.

Had a guy come up to me at a party earlier this year and ask me, "what is this whole Facebook thing?" This would be similar to saying, what is this whole interwebs thing? He is a financial advisor, not mine.

Funny, sad.

We all know social networking isn't a new thing. Since we were in caves we socialized, we now just happen to be in an age where we can socialize around the world from our couch. We are social animals and we build social things, which leads to the question, "do you socialize your brand?"

If you're attending The Private Brand Movement conference, then you're likely to be a bit social. Take this event as a chance to connect with others because you never know, this whole "socializing" thing might actually become something. If it does, it would be good to have others consider you "connected." So, here are three things you can do at the Private Brand Movement conference next week.

One: Set a number.

Find new people to connect with, no matter the title, (more than two). Then, be receptive to conversations. People will approach you if you're approachable.

Two: Have personal conversations.

Don't just talk business, that's only one level of any conversation. Get to know people with an authentic interest in who they are and what's important to them.

Three: Be curious.

The more times you put on your curious hat, the more you learn in general and certainly about people. Without curiosity we would be lost. It is a fun hat to wear and certainly appropriate for this conference.

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