Movements + Moments: The Higher Purpose.

We had a friend into the office yesterday and he talked about what helps a brand achieve greatness. While we have had discussions around this topic in the past, this individual gave us a rather inspirational viewpoint on the subject. Thank you Mr. James Damian, former Chief Design Officer at Best Buy, you've inspired once more.

Brands have meaning to people. If the meaning centers around, "I'll get this because it costs less," the brand lacks powerful meaning. Think about the brands you desire to have in your life. What do they all have in common?

Answer: a higher purpose.

Steve Jobs didn't start Apple to make desktop computers, he wanted to "put a ding in the universe" to use his words. It's emotional and something people follow with a ferocity that kept Apple alive in the tough times, even when Jobs wasn't there.

So, let's put this theory to a test in the private brand world. Archer Farms from Target, what is the higher purpose? I'm not sure there was one when it originally launched, but if I had to write one now I think it could be done. Archer Farms, connecting you with the family farm. As our food and its origin continue to become divided, this is a brand pulling us back to the values of the family farm.

A stretch? Perhaps. Higher purpose, I believe so. Does it give you an emotional reason to engage with this brand? For me, certainly.

Call it purpose, cause or mission, the idea is the same, an emotional reason to engage. Sometimes it feels to me like the mission for a private brand is one of three options, one: steal share from the manufacturer, two: keep the manufacturer price in check, three: provide an opening price point option. All these seem to center around the less than higher purpose of "making more money." Hence, the consumer doesn't care and emotional engagement fails to happen.

What is the higher purpose of your brand? Whether its a private brand, store brand or even a manufacturers brand. Is it a higher purpose a consumer can get behind? Is it emotional? When was the last time you've looked at it?

Send me your brand's higher purpose, I'd like to hear it.

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