“Branding The Future One Touch Point At A Time" – Alina Wheeler

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This is the next post in a continuing series on the upcoming Private Brand Movement conference, September 19 – 21 in Chicago, Illinois. The series features a look at our keynote speakers and their topics. The keynotes feature the most prolific minds on the topics that matter MOST: packaging trends, neuro-marketing, social consciousness, shopping behavior, next generation consumers, retail, brand identity, culture, design and of course Private Brand.

The second keynote Wednesday morning, “Branding The Future One Touch Point At A Time” will be presented by Alina Wheeler the author of The Brand Atlas. Her presentation will focus on:

Brands are the global currency of success. To be successful, brand builders need to stick to the basics, stay calm on the rollercoaster of relentless change and fierce competition, and seize every opportunity to be irreplaceable and be the brand of choice. Each touch point, whether it’s an in store experience, an app, a Groupon offer, a package, a tag or a tweet, has the potential to attract new customers, connect to the heart and mind, and build life long customer relationships.

Inspiration: What’s happening around the world? A speed of light tour of global touch points

Contemplation: Who are you? Who needs to know? Why should they care? How will they find out? A reminder of the basics

Celebration: How do you achieve radical differentiation? Demonstrate rather than declare

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