Movements + Moments: Private brand discoveries.

Capsule will be sharing our perspective on relevant movements and moments as we make our way to the Private Brand Conference in September. To start, a discovery from our own history books. Byerly's grocery stores.

Do you remember when you "got" the concept of brand? You know, when you felt like you really understood the concept and could apply it to how you work, interact and live.

Then, when did you start to look at movie stars, politicians and retailers as brands? You know, the places you visit that, if you get brand, have a reputation of their own and therefore a brand to build and protect.

Well, one of our early clients was Byerly's grocery stores. If you're unaware, they're an upscale grocery chain in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Their reputation is for white glove premium products, carpeting, wood floors and amenities you typically don't get with grocery. The experience is premium and the brand meaning does have a strong connection to premium.

So, when we started working with Byerly's to help them rebrand, the conversation of private brands was a big one. Private brands are traditionally the opening price point and perceived to be the lowest quality. The Byerly's brand was being associated with lowest quality in the store, not exactly the right intention.

The brand definition work along with a defining of the Byerly's experience led to a better definition of what the brand meant. It also helped define where it should appear and which private brand products it should lend its stellar reputation.

Byerly's Former and Current

The Private Brand moment was when our client started looking at their private brands as reflecting on the retail brand. When you consider a retailer to be a brand, it changes how you see private brands.

When did you get the concept of brand? When did you translate it to private brands? Or do you hope to at the Private Brand Conference in September?

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