More Reasons to LOVE Life from Waitrose and Pearlfisher

As we recently shared, English grocer Waitrose is launching a new private label on June 30th. International design agency Pearlfisher has now announced that it has created the design strategy, brand identity, naming and design expression for Waitrose LOVE life.

My Private Brand has more information on the new design:

Pearlfisher Creative Director, Natalie Chung, comments, “Waitrose is an experience – an experience that is rooted in food but that goes well beyond food. The bright, bold packs and vibrancy of color reflect the variety, choice and nutritionally balanced offer and will also ensure stand out on shelf. The naming and design expression is also about bringing taste and vitality together to create an experience of freedom and pleasure.”

Waitrose Marketing Director, Rupert Thomas, comments, “Waitrose LOVE life gives people a new and unrestricted approach to eating a wide variety of the right thing. The new identity effectively works to indicate the nutritional value of the range and the design reflects its energy, vitality and positivity. We are thrilled with the work that Pearlfisher has done.”

The Pearlfisher team included: Creative Director: Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher; Creative Partner: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher; Strategy Director: Yael Alaton, Pearlfisher; Senior Designer: Poppy Stedman and Designer: Vicki Willatts

To learn more about the Waitrose/Pearlfisher partnership please join us for "“Design For Life – Creating A New Design Language For Health And Wellbeing In The Retail Sector” with Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner of Pearlfisher and Maggie Hodgetts, Head of Design at Waitrose at the Private Brand Movement conference in Chicago September 19 – 21.

Takeaways from this exclusive, ground-breaking presentation will include:

  • How a distinct personality and design language can make health and diet products exciting and create difference
  • How architecture, cohesive design and brand identity work to give life to the new Waitrose health and wellbeing offer
  • Future insights into the world of food and healthy convenience including analyzing cultural global shifts and tailoring to different markets

To learn more about the conference, download the brochure or follow us on Twitter @Private_brand

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