FUSE Funny Friday: Doogie Horner at #FUSEDesign 2011

Doogie Horner at FUSE 2011, Part 1 from IIR USA on Vimeo.

Between now and the 2012 FUSE conference, we'll be releasing occasional video footage from our 2011 conference. Look for great information from our speakers such as Luke Williams from Frog Design and Ben Blumenfeld from Facebook.

First up, enjoy this Summer Friday with some light laughs care of speaker Doogie Horner. His session "Everything Explained Through Flowcharts," examined his book (available here) and some of the ways to think creatively while using charts. In this first segment, he introduces the premise behind his book and discusses making charts of the afterlife in various religions. You can view an interior sample of the book here.

Looking for more? Stay tuned for updates to our FUSE homepage.



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