#FUSEDesign Live: Day Two in Tweets

Day two of FUSE has been a whirlwind of tracking trends, connecting with our senses, figuring out the future and hearing the human side. Recognizing some of the outstanding humans that have been making noise here at the conference I pulled together the most retweeted moments of the day from our #FUSEDesign and #FUSEUni hashtags.

frogdesign: "We are human beings not human doings" -@AndrewZPek on pausing and tuning into others to tap creativity #fusedesign

jessiemcguire: "Great fragrances change like a great orchestra." Creative briefs should include. 'What does it smell like' #fusedesign #fuseuni

interbrand: "brand is the collective of a consumer's perceptions and expectations, validated by the desired experience." well said. #Crespo #FUSEDesign

debbiemillman: If someone asks you to make the logo bigger, you haven't designed it well enough. --riCardo Crespo #fusedesign

What stood out to you? Connect with the conversation on twitter @NextBigDesign and check in with us on Facebook as well for event art and photos.



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