FUSE 2011: The Sharing Extraordinary Project

Leading up to FUSE 2011, the staff in the IIR offices was truly excited about this year's theme of "sharing extraordinary." Dan Madinabeitia, Director of IIR's in-house Art Department, decided to lead a project designed to encourage FUSE attendees, and perhaps design professionals across the world, to come together, share something of themselves and engage on a collective creation. Hence the "Sharing Extraordinary Project" was created.

We went behind the scenes to learn more about the project. Watch the video on our facebook page here.

At this year's FUSE conference, attendees will be invited to create a unique design given only a 4x4 square of paper, colorful markers, and their creativity. Squares will be collected into the sharing extraordinary wall, and by the end of the event we hope to have a creation as diverse and interesting as the conference attendee list. The resulting creations will be shared on Facebook during and after the event, where attendees can tag their photos and comment on others.

We've already gotten started with some examples here. Share your own at the conference in Chicago April 11th-13th.



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