Extraordinary Experiences: Capsulated.

Fifteen weeks until the FUSE Conference. Fifteen quick weeks until you have the chance to consume some provocative perspectives and inspiring stories. Fifteen weeks until we immerse ourselves in the inviting pool of design thinking and conversation.

Here's what Capsule will be doing over the next fifteen weeks: Sharing experiences.

We are taking a journey. We may not physically travel far, but we will go vast distances in our world perspective. We will be publishing 15 extraordinary experiences to share with the FUSE audience each Tuesday in the lead up to the Conference.

We are not just seeking grand moments, but the minuscule, everyday insights as well. Because sometimes we learn big things from little moments in life. These are the moments when you look around and wonder, "was this moment designed just for me?"

Experience one: Design Leadership.

I recently keynoted an event at the Color Marketing Group in Portland, Oregon. As a part of the event I was given a gift from Nike, a box of flash cards. The cards depicted the heritage of Nike in photos and corresponding stories. The contents were interesting, but it was the cover that delivered my extraordinary moment. A quote by Phil Knight as his first reaction to the Nike swoosh logo design. See above.

He said, "Well, I don't love it, but it will grow on me."

Stop and think about Phil's quote for a moment. Now consider what that logo has become.

The Nike swoosh went on to symbolize the constant pursuit of athletic fitness for at least three decades. It is an iconic element and shows up derivatively in many other logos (appropriate or not). And, beyond the Harley Davidson logo, it’s the only other one I've seen tattooed on someone. Imagine being present when Phil Knight had the leadership capacity to see beyond his own preferences in the moment, and be open to the possibilities what a symbol could come to represent.

An extraordinary moment as I looked at this line and realized, yes, that was a big decision and yes, that's leadership. Design leadership.

Certainly the Nike brand faces the most challenging competitive situation it has for the past three decades. But, as we see fashions come and go, leadership and the belief systems built into an organization – its very culture - are what make the long-term impact.

Capsule is an experience design firm. We are those people in your life who seek to design extraordinary moments.

If you have extraordinary experiences you'd like us to share, please contact us.

Aaron Keller

Managing Principal, Capsule




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