The Design Community has Spoken – Destination Design Management Expected to Sell Out

Coming off the heels of the largest FUSE event, this year’s Destination Design Management Conference, has reached record-breaking numbers – with more registered to attend than ever before. 

The design community is responding in a big way – recognizing the need to not only be strategic in their design work but also smart in how they manage their teams and communicate with internal partners and the C-suite.    Destination Design Management is the one and only event that brings together best-in-breed design and creative leaders to discuss the practice of design management.

DESIGN LEADERS TAKING THE STAGE: Target, Publix, OfficeMax, Pitney Bowes, Facebook, GE Healthcare, Method, Publix, Dell, Microsoft, 3M, Anheuser-Busch and many more.

To Design.  Or Not To Design. What Could It Possibly Do For My Business?
John Gleason, former head of Design Procurement at Procter & Gamble, Founder of A Better View Strategic Consulting, LLC.

Building on the guidance and experiences shared by the speakers, John Gleason will close out our conference with his own perspective on "the conversation" with brand, innovation, and corporate leadership regarding the role and value of design.  He’ll share views into the BUSINESS performance of several well-known and lesser-known brands that’ve leveraged design in their businesses and in their organizations... and have prospered as a result of this investment.
Remember the event is taking place in just two weeks, the event is expected to sell out. Register today to reserve your spot  - click here



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