The Private Brand Movement Conference concluded today with a series of panels and great presentations. I will continue to post insights from the three days over the next week as well as a few videos of presentations.

In exciting news yesterday, Kim Coovert, Brand Manager – Own Brand Food & Drug for Kmart, presented a first look at their new mid tier Private Brand Smart Sense. The brand was designed by New York based design agency CBX and is a brighter, fresher take on Private Brands than Kmart has seen in years. The new brand includes a range of items including everything from snacks and beverages, to oral care, paper products, household cleaners and over-the-counter medications. The quality of the Smart Sense line is comparable to that of national name brands, and on average costs 20 percent less.

The launch of the new brand includes a fully integrated web and in store campaign featuring a $15,000 sweepstakes that gives away a three-year supply of Smart Sense products.
According to a press release from Kmart: “With the introduction of the Smart Sense line, Kmart is looking to offer a more affordable Kmart brand product assortment that will rival the quality of more nationally recognized brands,” said Mark Snyder, chief marketing officer, Kmart. “While the Smart Sense line will offer the everyday essentials, Kmart is also taking it a step further by providing unique products that you wouldn’t typically expect to see under a store brand.”

The Smart Sense line currently consists of hundreds of products available in Kmart stores and the product line will expand to more than 1,200 items by early 2011. Kmart will also support the Smart Sense line launch through multiple communications channels, including advertising, coupon offers, merchandising displays, sampling, digital marketing and event marketing.

In addition to the introduction of the Smart Sense line, a new look has been created for many other Kmart brand products. The brighter and more vibrant packaging has been designed to capture the “colorful thinking” Kmart is demonstrating through its new product and brand announcements. In addition to the Smart Sense line roll-out, Kmart is also introducing products in a re-launch of its other exclusive brands, which include, Little Ones baby care products, Champion Breed pet care products, Image Essentials personal care products and VitaSmart vitamin products.

This post was brought to you courtesy of Christopher Durham, President & Blogger-in-Chief, My Private Brand. Christopher is The Private Brand Movement 2010 Conference Chairman.
The Private Brand Movement Conference continues with an exciting couple of days from the worlds largest retailers. Kmart, Target and Walmart all presented their groundbreaking Private Brand work and the crowd responded with lively conversations around each. I will post more on the events as time permits, in the meantime here are a few snapshots from the groundbreaking conference.

The Power of Articulating Your Brand Promise was presented by Matt Biespiel, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy, MCDONALD'S CORPORATION

Stephen Gates the Senior Creative Director, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS presents a lively discussion on, Transforming a Design Team into a Brand-Building Design Force

Design & Packaging Roundtable: Stepping Out of Brand Name Shadows

Panelists included:
Maurice D. Markey, Vice President, Private Brands, SAM’S CLUB, WALMART STORES, INC.
Melissa Smith-Hazen, Director, Strategic Design, Corporate Brands, AHOLD USA

Moderated by Felicia Rogers, Executive Vice President, DECISION ANALYST

This post was brought to you courtesy of Christopher Durham, President & Blogger-in-Chief, My Private Brand. Christopher is The Private Brand Movement 2010 Conference Chairman.
The 2010 Private Brand Movement Conference began yesterday morning in the Sax Hotel in Chicago, with more than 150 retailers, suppliers, agencies and press from all around the world.

Attendees included:
Ace Hardware Corp, ACNielsen, Ahold USA, Ampro Industries, Angilella Design S.A. de C.V., Anthem Worldwide, b2 Retail Solutions, Barkley, Birdsong Gregory, BNP Media, BrandImage, Burnette Foods Inc, Cabela’s, Canadian Tire Corporation, CBA Brand Ignition, ConAgra Foods, Cuddeback & Company LLC, Daymon Worldwide, Decision Analyst Inc, Delhaize Group, Design Resource Center, Deutsch Design Works, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Dollar General , DowDesign, Downlite Company Store, Dragon Rouge, eMart, Emotional Branding, Euromonitor International, Family Dollar, Flood Creative, Group360, Groupe Catalpa Inc, Hallmark Cards Inc, Henkel, Henkel Corporation, Hershey, Home Depot, Karlin Foods Corporation, Kendal King Group, Kraft Foods Inc, LL Bean Inc, Lowe’s, Marketing Support Inc, MARS Advertising, Mars Petcare USA, McDonalds Corporation, Meijer, Midmark Corporation, Nellson Nutraceutical LLC, Newmarketbuilders, Nice Pak Products Inc, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Pearlfisher Inc, PETCO , PETCO Animal Supplies Inc, PetSmart, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Pigeon Branding & Design, Princess Auto, Private Label Buyer, Private Label Magazine, Procter & Gamble, Prophet, Queue Marketing, REI, Safeway, Sam’s Club, SCA Tissues North America, Schawk, Schwanns Consumer Brands North America, Seal Strip Corporation, Sears , Sensory Logic, Smart Design, Smurfit Stone, Sonoco, Speaker Bureau, Specialized Technology Resources, Staples, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Sterling Brands, Sun Products Corporation, Supermarket News, SuperValu Inc, Synovate, Target, TEAMS Design USA, Tetra Pak Inc, The Shear Partnership, Tobii Technology Inc, True Value Company, Turner Duckworth, United, Vestcom International Inc, Voicebox Creative, Wallace Church Inc,

The day began with a presentation from Scott Davis the Chief Growth Officer of PROPHET and author of the Shift. Scott offered this quote about Private Brands to begin to conference: Scott presented the groundbreaking work from his book as well as the following observations:

"I do not believe in Private Brands, we do not call them that in my house; in my house they are our favorite brands.”

“Where you guys are today is where the cable industry was three to five years ago to the networks.”

Scott went on to talk discuss the role that “visionary” marketers have in companies

These visionaries have made five important shifts:
First Shift: From creating marketing strategies to driving business impact
Second Shift: From controlling the message to galvanizing the network
Third Shift: From incremental improvements to pervasive innovation
Fourth Shift: From managing marketing investments to inspiring marketing excellence
Fifth Shift: From an operational focus to a relentless customer focus
Store Brands Update: Where Are Trends Heading Now? Was on tap next with an insightful look at the research and trends from Lisa Rider the VP Retail Marketing for THE NIELSEN COMPANY. Lisa presented a challenging perspective on the continued growth of private brands in the grocery sector with a projected .2% growth rate over the next five years. The challenge I have to this statement is simply that it is based on retailers doing what they have always done; if they can build great brands and engage customers the sky is the limit.

Next up was Matt Biespiel the Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy for MCDONALD’S CORPORATION his presentation “The Power of Articulating Your Brand Promise.” He showed the continuing development of the McDonalds brand and it’s implementation throughout the world. Although McDonalds does not seem directly relevant to Private Brands the audience was engaged and excited by the brand building of America’s fast food brand.

Stay tuned for more from the conference.

This post was brought to you courtesy of Christopher Durham, President & Blogger-in-Chief, My Private Brand. Christopher is The Private Brand Movement 2010 Conference Chairman.

Leading up to The Private Brand Movement event next week, we invited a few of our excellent speakers to discuss their roles within their organization and their presentations at event. We had a chance to talk with Eric Ashworth, Chief Strategy Officer, Anthem Worldwide.
Eric leads large-scale branding initiatives for major retailers and CPG companies across the globe. Eric has held senior brand and marketing management positions at global branding agencies and consumer product companies. Eric has served as a guest lecturer on brand strategy at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric will be facilitating the panel discussion, "A Conversation with...Ideas, Stories & Perspectives: Moving Beyond Value" at The Private Brand Movement, September 27-29, 2010 at Hotel Sax in Chicago.

Listen to the podcast

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Michael Ellgass,
Senior Director of Grocery Marketing, Walmart

Get the inside scoop on how Walmart rebranded the world’s largest CPG brand. See the advertising that is attempting to evolve it from thrifty alternative to the everyday presence of the Walmart brand.

Session: Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 4:25 pm
"Great Value Relaunch: Connecting the Brand to Save Money, Live Better"

It's not too late to register for The Private Brand Movement! Visit the event site to download the brochure, check out our speaker line-up, and register to join us in Chicago!
Join us next week in beautiful Chicago for The Private Brand Movement. It's not too late to register for this fantastic, timely event that is guaranteed to bring you visionary perspectives and real stories of progress and collaboration. Hear from Target, Safeway, Kraft, Sears, Victoria's Secret, McDonald's, Family Dollar Stores, The Hershey Co., L.L. Bean, Meijer Stores, Ace Hardware, Philips, Sam's Club, Office Depot, and so many more.

Download the brochure for details!

Leading up to The Private Brand Movement event next month, we invited a few of our excellent speakers to discuss their roles within their organization and their presentations at event. We had a chance to talk with speaker, Maurice Markey, Vice President, Private Brands at Sam's Club. Maurice is responsible for leading the strategic development and growth of Sams Clubs proprietary Private Brands; to include Members Mark®, Bakers and Chef® and ProForce®. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Maurice will participate in the discussion, "Design & Packaging Roundtable: Stepping Out of Brand Name Shadows" at The Private Brand Movement, September 27-29, 2010 at Hotel Sax in Chicago.
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Find out how Playtex created a colorful new feature for its infant feeding line and put company sales into the new black from Sky Underwood, Director, Global Creative Services at Energizer Personal Care. Sky will present, “How is a Baby Bottle Like a Car?” at 1pm on Wednesday, October 20th at Future Trends 2010.
Have you ever wished your mass marketing company could be more agile and innovative…that it could afford to invest more into cost of goods or packaging? What about enabling your company to be the tough leader to the trade it its category? Could it keep its products delivering news and freshness year round? Could it even take advantage of the future trends? Discuss these questions and so much more during Sky’s provocative discussion on color.

To learn more about Sky’s presentation, download your copy of the Future Trends 2010 brochure.

Future Trends
October 18-20, 2010
Eden Roc - Miami
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We look forward to seeing you there!

The Future Trends Team
In their October 2010 issue, Consumer Reports released findings from a taste test that they conducted between store brands and name brands. Throughout the survey, store brands fared well and in some cases, better than national brands in a blind taste test. Consumer Reports found that national brands won seven of the 21 match-ups and store brands won three. For the rest, the store brand and name brand were of similar quality. A tie doesn't mean the taste was identical. Two products may be equally fresh and flavorful, with ingredients of similar quality, but taste very different because ingredients or seasonings differ. A case in point is ketchup. In Heinz, the spices stand out; Market Pantry is more tomatoey.

Lisa Rider, VP Retail Marketing at The Nielsen Company and The Private Brand Movement keynote speaker said, "The secret's out, store brands are just as good. Store-brand buyers are no longer seen as cheapskates but as savvy shoppers." Lisa will be presenting, "Store Brands Update: Where Are Trends Heading Now" on Monday, September 17th at 10am. Find out more about Lisa's presentation by downloading the event brochure.

Talk to Lisa and our other private brand experts at The Private Brand Movement 2010, this September 27-29 in Chicago. It's not too late to register!

Anthem Worldwide, sponsors of The Private Brand Movement is conducting a short survey on Private Brand management/governance challenges. Please take a few moments to answer the questions and give us the benefit of your insight.

Anthem Worldwide Strategic Directors Carol Citkovic-Best and Kathy Oneto will debut the results of this survey in their presentation “Brand Governance in the Private Brands Revolution.”

Click here to take the Anthem Worldwide survey.

Some of the questions included in the 5-10 minute long survey include:
• What percentage of Retailer’s total marketing spend do you think is dedicated to store brands?
• Who do you consider your competition?
• Do you consider brand management/brand governance a key issue within your organization?
• Which areas of brand management/brand governance will you invest in for the future?

Learn more about The Private Brand Movement by visiting the event website where you may download the brochure and register to join us in Chicago.
Leading up to The Private Brand Movement event next month, we invited a few of our excellent speakers to discuss their roles within their organization and their presentations at event. This week we have Maurice Markey.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Maurice Markey, Vice President, Private Brands Sam's Club Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.. Maurice is part of the panel discussion, “Design & Packaging Roundtable: Stepping Out of Brand Name Shadows” on Monday, September 27 at 3:45pm.

Listen to podcast:
Read the Transcript:

What is your brand doing to articulate it's promise to customers at every touch point? Find out how McDonald's uses its brand promise to connect with customers and differentiate the brand across all customer contact points. Matt Biespiel, Senior Director of Global Brand Strategy at McDonald's will share insights on how to create a singular brand strategy, articulate the brand promise and translate it into the marketplace. You will hear examples of how McDonald's has led every touch point to ensure they are delivering the brand promise.

Join Matt at 11:30am on Monday, September 27 during day 1 of The Private Brand Movement. Download the brochure to learn more about the amazing speakers and companies joining us this year!

Champagne producers in France are working toward a better carbon footprint by making their bottles more sustainable. The New York Times reports that the Champagne industry has embarked on a drive to cut the 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide it emits every year transporting billions of tiny bubbles around the world. Producing and shipping accounts for nearly a third of Champagne’s carbon emissions, with the hefty bottle the biggest offender. The Champagne's packaging will use 65 fewer grams (2.3 ounces) of glass, is in response to a 2003 study of Champagne’s carbon footprint, which the industry wants to cut 25 percent by 2020, and 75 percent by 2050. Some of the new vessels are on the market now; however most should be on shelves by April of 2011. Also in the report, designing a new bottle was no small feat. The container still had to withstand Champagne’s extreme pressure. It would also need to survive the four-year obstacle course from the factory floor to the cellars to the dining table, and fit in existing machinery at all Champagne houses. And it had to be molded so that consumers would barely detect the difference in the bottle’s classic shape.

In an industry where heritage reigns, will Champagne consumers and producers be happy to adopt these new sustainable measures? reports that carrot growers are launching an unprecedented $25 million marketing campaign to make their veggies look as tempting as Cheetos; but will it be a hit with kids? Bolthouse Farms and nearly 50 other carrot growers are launching a marketing campaign to endear their product to school kids as a lunchtime temptation. Check out thoughts from industry leaders over at The Week's article.

The packaging is quintessentially American' CPG kid's food. Even grown-ups instinctively looking for nostalgia when searching for a guilty snack may fall prey to the baby carrot's trick - but is that at good thing? Do we really need our healthy food to be packaged unhealthy in order to eat it? We'd like to hear your thoughts - DM us @nextbigdesign. reports that SIG Combibloc has launched a new 1-litre aseptic carton pack for long-life milk products that shaves 28 per cent off the carbon footprint of its standard packs. SIG said the special unprocessed form of cardboard used gives rigidity and protects the contents from potential light damage. A new, ultra-thin polyamide layer was added as a barrier technology as well as thin internal and external layers of polyethylene to keep out moisture. Initially, SIG said the EcoPlus carton will be used in the long-life milk and dairy segments. The first customer to offer the new carton is Milch-Union Hocheifel – a major European manufacturer of long-life dairy products. The German company plans to use the EcoPlus carton for its range of UHT milk products.

Do you think that long-life dairy products will be a hit with consumers in North America - especially with the introduction of sustainable packaging?

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