3 Things I love about the new Twitter

Twitter.com ----- I'm starting to like you more and more.

1) Embedded media - This allows me to view Youtube videos, photos and more without leaving the twitter.com interface - brilliant!

2) Timeline, Mentions, ReTweets, Searches and Lists all in AJAX format with one click access. Love it too.

3) Suggestions of who to follow - with one click there are suggestions on who I should be following based on ( Artificial Intelligence? ) or some other twitter formula. This is an awesome feature especially when looking to engage/connect with others who share common interests.

These 3 new features alone have me using the twitter interface a little more these days.

As with traditional retail design and development - Twitter has evolved based on user input and feedback. If something is not working it has to evolve and change direction to continue it's appeal to the masses and Twitter is doing a great job. Bravo

So, what do you think about twitter's new design? Love it or hate it?



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