What’s the Future of Cooperation? PLUS Join us NEXT WEEK for Future Trends 2010!

Thank you for your responses to our “Future of..” newsletter series leading up to the Future Trends 2010 event taking place next week in beautiful Miami, FL. The event features trends and insight presentations on The Future of... America, Technology, Work, Consumption, Innovation, Healthcare, Digital Products, Aging, Brand, Global & Emerging Markets, Social Media, Education, and much more.

Future Trends
October 18 – 20, 2010
Eden Roc – Miami
-It’s not too late to register!

But before we meet next week – What do you think is the future of cooperation?

The spirit of cooperation is rising. Many factors, including but not limited to the financial crisis, environmental degradation and democratization of the internet are feeding this trend. Fortunately we have a “cooperation expert” that can guide us in this transformation: Nature. Species have to cooperatives with each other in order to survive. Rather than competing, they invest energy – the most valuable resource they have – in creating and sustaining mutually beneficial relationship to the extent that they evolve together. In our shift to a more cooperative business approach, what can we learn from nature?

Bringing the power of Biomimicry into the conference room, Zeynep Arhon, Marketing & Future Trends Consultant, Certified Biomimicry at Trenddesk presents a session focused on nature’s 3.8 billion year old strategies in order to stimulate thinking about cooperation in business. The session also includes an inspiring experience: We will try to “quiet our minds” in order to connect with nature through our senses.

We look forward to meeting you next week!

Future Trends



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