Take the First Ever Private Brand Governance Survey!

Anthem Worldwide, sponsors of The Private Brand Movement is conducting a short survey on Private Brand management/governance challenges. Please take a few moments to answer the questions and give us the benefit of your insight.

Anthem Worldwide Strategic Directors Carol Citkovic-Best and Kathy Oneto will debut the results of this survey in their presentation “Brand Governance in the Private Brands Revolution.”

Click here to take the Anthem Worldwide survey.

Some of the questions included in the 5-10 minute long survey include:
• What percentage of Retailer’s total marketing spend do you think is dedicated to store brands?
• Who do you consider your competition?
• Do you consider brand management/brand governance a key issue within your organization?
• Which areas of brand management/brand governance will you invest in for the future?

Learn more about The Private Brand Movement by visiting the event website where you may download the brochure and register to join us in Chicago.



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