New SIG carton cuts CO2 from dairy packaging reports that SIG Combibloc has launched a new 1-litre aseptic carton pack for long-life milk products that shaves 28 per cent off the carbon footprint of its standard packs. SIG said the special unprocessed form of cardboard used gives rigidity and protects the contents from potential light damage. A new, ultra-thin polyamide layer was added as a barrier technology as well as thin internal and external layers of polyethylene to keep out moisture. Initially, SIG said the EcoPlus carton will be used in the long-life milk and dairy segments. The first customer to offer the new carton is Milch-Union Hocheifel – a major European manufacturer of long-life dairy products. The German company plans to use the EcoPlus carton for its range of UHT milk products.

Do you think that long-life dairy products will be a hit with consumers in North America - especially with the introduction of sustainable packaging?



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