Kmart Announces Launch of Smart Sense at The Private Brand Movement Conference

The Private Brand Movement Conference concluded today with a series of panels and great presentations. I will continue to post insights from the three days over the next week as well as a few videos of presentations.

In exciting news yesterday, Kim Coovert, Brand Manager – Own Brand Food & Drug for Kmart, presented a first look at their new mid tier Private Brand Smart Sense. The brand was designed by New York based design agency CBX and is a brighter, fresher take on Private Brands than Kmart has seen in years. The new brand includes a range of items including everything from snacks and beverages, to oral care, paper products, household cleaners and over-the-counter medications. The quality of the Smart Sense line is comparable to that of national name brands, and on average costs 20 percent less.

The launch of the new brand includes a fully integrated web and in store campaign featuring a $15,000 sweepstakes that gives away a three-year supply of Smart Sense products.
According to a press release from Kmart: “With the introduction of the Smart Sense line, Kmart is looking to offer a more affordable Kmart brand product assortment that will rival the quality of more nationally recognized brands,” said Mark Snyder, chief marketing officer, Kmart. “While the Smart Sense line will offer the everyday essentials, Kmart is also taking it a step further by providing unique products that you wouldn’t typically expect to see under a store brand.”

The Smart Sense line currently consists of hundreds of products available in Kmart stores and the product line will expand to more than 1,200 items by early 2011. Kmart will also support the Smart Sense line launch through multiple communications channels, including advertising, coupon offers, merchandising displays, sampling, digital marketing and event marketing.

In addition to the introduction of the Smart Sense line, a new look has been created for many other Kmart brand products. The brighter and more vibrant packaging has been designed to capture the “colorful thinking” Kmart is demonstrating through its new product and brand announcements. In addition to the Smart Sense line roll-out, Kmart is also introducing products in a re-launch of its other exclusive brands, which include, Little Ones baby care products, Champion Breed pet care products, Image Essentials personal care products and VitaSmart vitamin products.

This post was brought to you courtesy of Christopher Durham, President & Blogger-in-Chief, My Private Brand. Christopher is The Private Brand Movement 2010 Conference Chairman.



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