Duane Reade's private brand, DR Delish hits Walgreens stores nationwide

Thanks to Walgreen's recent purchase of New York drugstore, Duane Reade, Walgreens will expand Duane Reade's private brand, DR Delish to their customers nationwide. Walgreens stores will start with 10 DR Delish products featured on an end cap display. Other DR Delish products will be rotated in or added to shelves in fall.

According to CSNews.com, the DR Delish snacks and beverages will sell at prices below the leading national brands. The brand launched at Duane Reade with 25 items last fall and quickly developed a strong following among New Yorkers as it grew to more than 100 items by the end of last year. Many of the products offer healthy benefits, labeled trans-fat free, gluten-free, reduced-calorie or made with natural ingredients.

What do you think of Walgreen's expansion of the DR Delish brand? Will it be as well-received with customers nationwide as it has been with New Yorkers?



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