Pixar's Ralph Eggleston Designs Telluride Film Festival Poster

The poster for the 37th annual Telluride Film Festival looks a little familiar. Thanks to the excellent talents of Pixar's Ralph Eggleston, the poster displays nostalgia for early 20th century European advertisements while re-envisioning the iconic hitchhiker scene from It Happened One Night. Not only is the poster visually appealing but it distinctly brands the film festival for the creative set, those who are acutely attuned to the crossroads between art history and film. Like previous Telluride Film Festival posters, this is not a piece to sell a blockbuster like Ironman 2. The poster's purpose is not sell any movie; but, to promote the art of film.

What other brands/branding have you seen that promotes an idea rather than a product?

Ref: Telluride Film Festival unveils new poster



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