Sustainable Packaging with Minal Mistry #FUSE2010

Minal Mistry discusses how changes in sustainable packaging have led to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition which works to make packaging safe and healthy for the environment and humans, meets market criteria for performance and cost, is manufactured using clean production tactics and so much more. We encourage you to visit the Coalition's website to learn more.

Greenblue and Sustainable Packaging Coalition work in a closed loop system, Closing the Loop focuses on the end-of-life options commonly available for packaging in the United States, including collection, sorting, and reprocessing technology. Research on the corresponding waste management systems in Western Europe, Australia and Canada allow useful comparisons that measure the United States’ efforts against best and worst waste management practices elsewhere. This information is used to assess the effectiveness of U.S. systems, according to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition's website.

In your packaging design, how often do you consider the environmental impact of your packaging? Have you been influenced by other designs; if so, which ones?



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