Steven Ginsberg of Mars, INC #FUSE2010

Steven Ginsberg, Director, Strategic Design, MARS, INC. asks us to remember when branding, "Cause No Harm!"

Think of these rules:

If it's broken, fix it - If it's dated, refresh it - If neither, do nothing.

It's so important to understand the brand's promise and essence - while also understanding how to adjust the brand's variants.

Using the Heinz ketchup logo's outline, Steven showcases how important "brand stickyness" is to relaying the product. What other logos can you instantly recognize without seeing the entire logo? Probably most - and those are the successful ones. So take a look at your logos and your branding - is it "sticky"?

Maybe - the Skittles rainbow? From the 1980's to today, the rainbow has undergone quite a few changes. Check them out, notice how not necessarily a logo but a thought, an idea or in this instance a weather occurrence can become the property that "sticks."

For Snickers, Mars, Inc. didn't work to update the logo, they worked to build from the logo, creating a campaign that uses the shape of the snickers logo with witty sayings and phrases - all without actually saying the product's name. "Learn to speak Snacklish" "Patrick Chewing" and others. The team also worked with celebrity Divas and Betty White on a campaign.

Did you know that each M&M had a personality? Wait-M&M's, a candy you eat, have personalities? They sure do! Get to know Super Cool Blue, Sexy Green, Neurotic Orange, Carefree Yellow and Type-A Red. We see how Mars had fun and didn't use a spokesperson but created spokescandies. Now that's some serious candy fun.

So remember the "rules" when branding and, of course, have some fun.



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