Should trends affect web page design?

At Visual Swirl, Leighton Taylor looks ponders how web sites should be designed. They are a tool that can prove relevance, but aren't as important or constant as a logo. At the same time, there should be a usable design and show the personality of the brand.

A great point Taylor brings up is that while the design of great webpages has changed over the years, the great permanent structures stay can be beneficial to a brand. Their examples are Amazon and Apple.

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raindance said...

I think this article makes great points. I do think web sites can incorporate both, such as his examples of Amazon and Apple. The basic structure is the same they just tweak it now and again.

The one thing I hope that stays from all this 'web 2.0' look, is the nice large fonts. it's so much easier to read larger fonts on screen.

brettdean said...

You have a good point of view about the Web page design..


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