Recession: Impact on Branding and Packaging

Circles and waves. They look similar from a broader perspective. So, when we look recessionary behaviors, they seem familiar. And, when we see a brand we are familiar with but many are not, we see circles. What inspired this?

We have been discussing this brand for years: Calpis.

Not because we're fans of a Japanese soda with limited availability, but because of the amusing name. Here we are sitting in a marvelous speech about how the recession has impacted branding a packaging and there is Calpis on the screen. While the name is odd, the product is a healthy drink that seems to be catching on around the world.

Calpis is popular in a recessionary economy. It is popular because it is an accessible indulgence. It has been grouped with a large variety of other food products (Haagen Das, Trader Joe's, Waitrose, Doo, La Boite and Chicken Pecker) which are benefiting from recessionary consumer behaviors.

Great sample of brands and viewpoint by Marcus Hewitt and Eric Zeitoun of Dragon Rouge

Note: the Chichen Pecker just couldn't go without a link to The Dieline.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
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