New hosptial designs with the patient in mind

The San Diego Union Tribune looks at a new hospital at the UCSD Medical Center currently under construction that has the patient in mind. New studies have shown there is a link between patient outcomes and their stress levels in conjunction with being exposed to natural light while in the hospital. There is also a higher chance patients will rate their services higher when they are amiable to their surroundings, eventually garnering a hospital more funding.

Design features of this hospital include:
They settled on one with a footprint incorporating three triangles that point outward from the center.

The skin of the building will form curves and waves instead of harsh corners and edges. The shape is meant to maximize views of the surrounding landscape, minimize direct sun exposure and prevent patients from looking directly into other rooms.

Architects used a computer to simulate the movement of the sun over the building, Yazdani said. Alcoves set into the surface of the exterior will create shaded pockets and space for gardens and courtyards.

Inside, patients will have floor-to-ceiling windows affording them a view of ground- and upper-level greenery, as well as the sky above.

Each patient room will feature a ceiling tall enough to accommodate a wide range of medical equipment and machines, said Lee Brennan, another designer with Cannon.

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