Morgans Hotel Group: Designed Experiences

How has Morgans built a portfolio of brand experiences?

One: borrowing from the celebrity brand. Two: coveting maximizers as their primary guest. Three: Innovating desire and translating current culture.

Borrowing from Celebrity: You can't borrow if you don't have something to give back. Morgans Hotel overflows with what it gives back to celebrities who identify with Morgans hotel.

If you don't believe, walk into the lobby of The Delano on south beach.

Morgans Hotel: We create a vibe, we engage, we put you on the stage, we are your audience, we are inspired by the icons who have it, we take you to a feeling, we are a loosely nit confederacy of brands, we are innovators of desire.

We are the hotelier for those who have It.

If you still don't believe, you'll have to visit and experience it.

Morgan Hotels
Fred Kleisner, Morgans Hotel Group

Thank you Fred, you have started off this Friday's session with an immersion into designed experiences.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
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