Micheal Porter, why is the middle dangerous?

Why is the middle a place to get squished?

As an economist and business strategy professor at Harvard University, Michael Porter originally gave the world the idea of never being in the middle.

Ultimately, based on economic models, every category eventually has only two competitors. One is built on being innovative. The other is price driven. In discount retail, Target vs Walmart is an easy example to see this idea in action. Where is Kmart? Stuck in the middle. Understood?

Now, onto the presentation by Moira Cullen, Erin Paul and George Argyros.

How do you bring change to a larger organization? By having the same people do the same things? Perhaps not. New people doing new things, yes. Who inside an organization is the advocate for new ideas from the outside? Who is willing to face the risk of change. This is your client. This is the person who needs to be a leader in design. This is also the person most likely to be stuck in the middle which is why collaboration has to be acted upon, not just used as a buzz word.

We need more leaders in design, inside organizations. We need more leaders like Moira Cullen.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
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