Maximizers and Rock Stars - Luxury Branding Lessons with Morgans Hotel Group #FUSE2010

Morgans Hotel Group caters to "The Maximizer" - affluent, sophisticated, hard working and ever so fashionable. It's the rock star mentality and luxury is key - this ain't the Holiday Inn. From original Mapplethorpe photos to a triple king sized bed with ceiling plasma screens - it's a new canvas and an original in the hotel space.

Fred Kleisner's presentation today gave us a glimpse into this gorgeous world, and frankly it's drool-worthy. Take a moment and check out the properties that Morgan's owns throughout the US.

Morgans Hotel Group

The branding for Morgan's starts at the beginning, when a guest books their stay at one of the properties. The website, clean, simple, classic while utilizing only Helvetica exemplifies the experience and gives the guest an instant feeling that this is something different, this will be an experience, not a simple hotel stay.

"If our customers knew we were a chain ... they'd never come back." Fred Kleisner



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