Jon Denham: Trust this guy, he's not a bum.

Jon Denham, Kraft Foods talked with Debbie Millman about his design career and how he came to be the man he is today.

He's English. Yes, from England. They don't have many beach bums, but apparently he was one of the elite few. Photo below is the only evidence we have to back this up, couldn't find any links to this exclusive organization of English beach bums. Still looking.

Now to his serious side.

Claudia Kotchka was one of his inspirations while working at P&G on the Pantene brand. He likes to take on challenges and sees huge opportunities at Kraft from what he's seen done at P&G in the past decade.

What do you need to have to get hired by Jon at Kraft? Leadership and your ability to see a vision for the journey. And, we didn't get the next two, but the first one was good enough.

Designers don't have as much authority in the CPG organization as the automotive industry. This needs to change in order for design to have a seat at the table and contribute to the bottom line results. Yes and more. Organizations need to see design from a new perspective, different from historical views. This requires more design in business schools and more business in design schools (in my not so humble opinion).

Then, a video on Kraft. Delicious is our difference. Really nummy word to own.

"A Better View"
I'd say, from across the ocean to here at Kraft, a better view indeed. Kudos to your success Jon.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
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