JetBlue Updates While Staying True to Brand DNA #FUSE2010

It’s all about bringing humanity back to air travel with JetBlue. Most people want TV, legroom and unlimited brand name snacks with a full can (yes!) of soda. Although other airlines are taking drastic measures to cut costs; JetBlue evolves, believing that it’s imperative that they keep the customers human. To increase profitability; JetBlue invites customers to upgrade their experience to an even better flight and an even better way to get from point A to point B. In 2008, JetBlue introduced Terminal 5 in New York City’s JFK airport that offered healthy foods, visually stunning grandstands and a comfortable space to wait for their next flight.

At their 10 year anniversary, JetBlue is looking forward by following three rules:

1. Listen
2. Be Curious
3. Keep it Simple


JetBlue’s five brand values of Nice, Fresh, Smart, Stylish and Witty
Surprising to you?

To mark their 10 year anniversary, JetBlue decided to unveil a new tail design – from spelling out the word “ten” to using the Roman numeral for 10 – “X” and the team came up with a fresh, innovative pattern that departed from JetBlue’s traditional blue color and brought in orange – in a big broad way.

Be on the lookout for JetBlue's new website updates - super secret for now. Also, JetBlue's new enhancements will help customers get what they want when they travel - while staying true to JetBlue's core DNA.



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