Jamie Oliver: Designing how we experience food.

The only real constant is people will always say "the only constant is change."

While the use of the quote above has slowed the intellectual output in this session, Jamie Oliver is writing an inspired life story. And, yes we are disappointed that he is not here, but we understand. Though, Jamie you will have to answer to Kitty Hart at some point in time, she is your biggest fan and her disgust with your absence was obvious.

But, back to what we love about you Jamie. Mr. Oliver is designing experiences around food. As an experience design firm we can appreciate someone with the inspiration to design a better future for kids and anyone who eats food.

Restaurant 15. Jamie took 15 unemployed people and trained them to be chefs and turned out a functioning and now award winning restaurant.

Jamie has made a tremendous impact on our planet and even TED has noticed with his recent speech and wish to the TED audience.

Aaron Keller
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