Horseshoes: Why Ronald de Vlam didn't inherit a fortune.

Who in the world is Ronald de Vlam?

He is NOT the heir to a small beer fortune. His grandfather did have a popular brand of beer with horseshoes on the label. Originating from Holland, a country taking credit for advancements in Peanut Butter (not at all relevant). Ronald is also the guy giving us a historical walk through the beer making process. Also the person speaking in an elegant dutch accent.

The combination is intoxicating.

The reason he is NOT an heir to a beer fortune is found in the behaviors of the brands that did create fortunes. For instance, how many people have opened a toggle from Grolesh? That's a designed experience? And, then consider how Stella, Beck and Heinekin have become iconic regionally and in some cases internationally.

Great perspective by Ronald. Great perspective on beer brands.

The only thing missing? Beer.

Aaron Keller
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rich said...

If you missed it and would like a pdf. let me know!
Rich Young


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