Hasbro and Transformers! #FUSE2010

Joseph Dzialo of Hasbro presents a case-study of how Hasbro created the successful campaign around Transformers - allowing Hasbro their big break internationally. Want to know more about Transformers? Check out their history here.

When creating the 2007 feature film, Hasbro and Michael Bay worked to create a product that was modern and exclusively for a younger male demographic - sophisticated, technologically driven (who happened to like Megan Fox).

Although Hasbro competed against others in the toy & game industry - they saw a 33% increase in sales. Hasbro works to showcase their brands offline and online - their strategy "Reimagine! Reinvent! Reignite!"

By strengthening their global markets - Hasbro is truly aiming to be "more than meets the eye."



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