Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life.

Capsule named itself with a subtle reference to drugs because of what we found when our clients became addicted to design. Those with a propensity to become addicted just need a few small Capsules of design to become needy for it.

Warren has written the guidebook for junkies to understand their addiction.

Warren Berger goes deep into the psychology or perhaps the psychosis of the designers in our world. Beautiful insights into discovering how to define "design," which by the way is essential to being able to elevate the practice of design beyond art to a profession.

The typical "problem solver" answer is a good start, but really we need to go deeper in order for the world to see design for what it contributes. Warren is going deeper and it feels like he is pealing away the layers of the design onion. What will he find on the inside? Or will we really want to know?

You'll likely have to buy the book to get closer. I recommend it.

Buy five copies of this book and give it to your top five least favorite clients. Glimmer.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
Capsule's Blog



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