Full Day Creativity Workshop at The Art Institute of Chicago! #FUSE2010

Our thanks to Catalyst Ranch and The Art Institute of Chicago for today's full day creativity and innovation workshop. The day started off with a lovely breakfast in the Chicago Stock Exchange room, brief introductions and then the workshop began. We made our way to the new Modern Wing of the museum, which exceeds expectations both in architecture and works of art. For those of you at FUSE, we highly recommend spending even just an hour at this amazing institution - you'll be truly inspired.

The creativity workshop began with the discussion of Pierre Bonnard's Earthly Paradise.

We discussed how our impressions of the piece differ both from our point of view of the piece and our own artistic backgrounds. Some members of our group had their first impression as a smells, while others saw particular components of the piece in varying orders. We encourage you to take a moment to view the work and let us know your first impressions.

Again, we are live on-site at FUSE and we invite you to join our conversation on Twitter, just use #FUSE2010. For pictures of the workshop and pictures of the event, check out our Flickr feed.



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