The design of a new era

In my last post, we looked at the power of iconic brands in shaping the design and brand landscape and I think what’s probably interesting is to now take that thinking one step further and - in my last post before FUSE – think about the power of designing a new era.

There are many notable beacons in brand business where we can see the power of design value embraced throughout an organization. Method, Apple and B&O to name but three have consistently invested in - and reaped the rewards from- good design. In addition, there are also mega successful retailers, like Target in the US and Waitrose in the UK, that have a tangible appreciation of the power of design running throughout touch-points such as packaging and in-store environment.

Forward-thinking brand owners and brand marketers have already realized a long-term investment in design and understand the power of design to transform brands. They see design as a crucial component of success and understand that they are commissioning an essential skill (not service) as the foundation of growth.

The challenge for brands now – particularly in light of the recent economic uncertainty – is to design the look of a new era; a new era that values the impact of design in business. It’s about influencing through the shock of the new and using design as a catalyst for change and with the power to build commercially effective futures.

However, regardless of all this it is the consumer who ultimately has the power. When we think of brands like Mini which goes counter to the trend for bigger cars or Target which takes a worldly approach to its design, it is design in every case which is intelligently clothing a powerful thought and presenting it in such a way which creates irresistible, must-have desire. In a well-run business, consumer reaction to this kind of design translates directly to a healthy bottom line.

We can reclaim the future by understanding that we hold the power to design a commercially effective future.

Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner Pearlfisher, will be presenting at the IIR’s annual FUSE event – FUSE: Reclaim The Future – with the Jamie Oliver team on 15 April 2010, Chicago
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