Design as a catalyst for cultural change #FUSE2010

Degree was originally launched by Helene Curtis NA brand to serve as a dual gender deodorant. After Unilever inheirted the brand from Helene Curtis, the Degree brand was split into Degree Men and Degree Women - proven to be a great success. The design for Degree has changed throughout the years from the spectrum imaging to the packaging - though keeping with their target audience preference (over-engineered males) proved to be difficult until Zunda Group was brought on board to help solidify the brand's imaging.

Zunda Group worked to define the elements that say masculinity not just in the USA but throughout the globe. They discovered that the American demographic was far different than that of Europe - yet the underlying meanings of masculinity were the same.

Quick homework - check out Rexona's European definition of masculinity vs. the Degree American definition.



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