Degree: Design as a catalyst for culture change.

Designing a beautiful new home versus another trailer on top of a trailer.

Nothing against people who stack double wide homes on top of each other. But it just isn't ideal to add new trailer homes on top of older trailer homes. Degree, for men as a brand was doing just this as they made changes to their portfolio of products.

Along comes a new leadership and relationships. And a new Degree.

Using the Gatorade lightening bolt as an example, Degree takes on the check mark an iconic element. The results are more visible at the shelf and more distinctive in a highly crowded category. The package is more elegant, premium and appealing to the core audience.

But, was this design a catalyst for culture change? Did we miss the point.

As a contrast, Schroeder Milk, redesigned their organization by starting with their package. This change helped them sell more, sell better and create a more sustainable business. More important, the new design helped them see the world from a new perspective and create the change they had not seen before the redesign.

Design can be a catalyst for cultural change. And, Degree is a great example of excellence in design, but not necessarily an example of a catalyst for culture change.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
Capsule's Blog



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