Between Design + Marketing: Panel View

How can we add Design + Marketing to create something more valuable? The organization that figures this out will have a sustainable competitive advantage. Some say Target, P&G and Apple are farther ahead than many. The panel gives real ways to move closer together.

Kirsten Lynch makes a great point about how design and business schools work together to co-create. How do we bring it into curriculum? This is a key factor in design + marketing. See MCAD, Minneapolis is doing something great there with the current Sustainable Integrated Marketing class.

Dance as a metaphor, Moira Cullen provides us with a view of primitive nature of the research tools we have today. Design is a challenge to research and it needs to be handled like the art form it is: with careful consideration. Advancements are being made and academia is helping find new ways to understand the complexities of the human subject.

Jon Denham talks about how it takes months for a new agency to enter into a partnership with a corporation. It should take time because the strength is in the depth of the relationship. Bobby Calder gives us the academic view of how marketing and design can work together to achieve something greater.

This is a great panel of thinkers providing an insightful view of the future of marketing and design working together toward the same successful future.

Moderated by Steven DuPuis, DUPUIS; Bobby Calder, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY; Moira Cullen, THE HERSHEY COMPANY, Jon Denham, KRAFT FOODS, Kirsten Lynch, QUAKER
Key words: Collaboration (the over used word in the room), Over testing (the big white elephant in the room),

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal, Capsule
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