Web Seminar: Applied Market Research - The Next Generation: Addressable Minds

Title: Applied Market Research - The Next Generation: Addressable Minds
Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

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About the web seminar:
The economic events of the past two years have shown that market research industry is about to undergo a dramatic transformation. No longer is it enough to provide research data in an abstract way of identifying segments. There is a need for actionable insight to be provided by the Market Researchers to those running the business who are responsible for increase revenue.

This session will describe Addressable Minds, the 2010 Chubb International Research Award winning tool and approach for rapid application of market research. A key focus will be on the practical use of the research to measurably grow the business through the practical application of the tools and techniques by data mining, web site use, brochure creation, and person intervention by sales and service staff either it in-person or on the phone.

What you will learn:
a. Rapid approach to segment based on people’s perception
b. Application of mind segmentation in business practices
c. Examples of practical use of Addressable Minds
d. Instant segmentation through personal intervention at the point of purchase
e. Application to New product development
f. Optimizing existing products and service and their messaging

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Howard Moskowitz
Steven Onufrey



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