Branding Cigarettes for Teens?

Today over on The New York Times Well Blog, writer Roni Caryn Rabin reports that anti-smoking campaigns are angered at the branding of Camel cigarettes "Number 9" product, which used the tagline "Light & Luscious" and, what they believe to be, a youth-friendly color palette in its branding. Although the campaign ended in 2008, a new study says they had a big effect on teenage girls. The ads bore a striking resemblance to fashion spreads and ran in women’s magazines like Glamour and US Weekly, which are popular among teenagers. They offered promotional giveaway items like berry lip balm – and cellphone jewelry.

R.J. Reynolds issued a statement disputing many of the study’s findings and saying the company abides by restrictions outlined in the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement about not advertising to teenagers and “does not take any action to target youth.”

We encourage you to read Rabin's report and the study mentioned.

Getting Teenage Girls to Smoke?

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