Full Day Creativity & Innovation Workshop at the Art Institute of Chicago!

Join us on Wednesday, April 14 in Chicago as we experience a full day creativity & innovation workshop at the Art Institute of Chicago!

Art-Work is an innovative breakthrough program developed by Catalyst Ranch and the Art Institute of Chicago, which provides inspiration and learning through a unique, arts-based approach for training through the experience of observing art. This day long professionally facilitated workshop will take place in the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago and the inspiring spaces of Catalyst Ranch. It will be led by an Art Institute museum educator and corporate facilitator from Catalyst Ranch. Awaken your creativity and innovation skills through thought-provoking queries, discussions and activities regarding selected works of art. Using the visual experience of works of art, participants will:

  • Understand the creative process and how to access it
  • Become aware of new sources of creativity
  • Leverage diverse perspectives within creative/innovative teams
  • Learn skills for generating, evaluating and actualizing new ideas
  • Create a culture of Creativity and Innovation

This workshop is part of FUSE 2010.



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