Submit Your Art to be Trashed

Artist Michael Landy is questioning the idea of art and trash in a new exhibit at the South London Gallery. For the next six weeks, Landy is inviting other artists and the public to submit their bad art and design projects to be judged by him and then placed into a large trash bin at the gallery. The Guardian writes that the only objects that will be rejected from this anti-museum are those that Landy judges not to be works of art. When the exhibition closes, on 14 March, its contents will be disposed of as landfill.

"Nothing's too good for the art bin," says Landy.

"There's no hierarchy once they are in the bin," says Landy. "After a while, you won't be able to tell one piece from the next." The art bin prompts questions: who apportions value to an artwork? Who has the right to destroy it? Or even: is modern art rubbish?

To learn more about Michael Landry, the exhibit and how you may submit your art, please visit the article linked below.

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