Package Designers Look to Help Consumers with Soap Overload

The Wall Street Journal reports that manufacturers of laundry machines and soap are advocating that consumers use less detergent to properly clean their clothes. Citing that many consumers believe a "more is better" philosophy when adding detergent to their laundry; the machines and clothes may suffer.

How do you make consumers move to using less? Change the packaging.

Over the next few weeks, Procter & Gamble Co. plans to introduce easier-to-read plastic measuring caps for its liquid detergent brands, including Tide, Gain, Era and Cheer. The new caps will have more-defined measurement lines inside and bigger numbers that are staggered, not stacked, says Dawn French, P&G's head of laundry research and development for North America.

What other ways can package design contribute to proper use of a product?

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