Package Design Ideas for November 2009

Lauren Hartman of Converting Magazine discusses a few fantastic package design launches set for this month. One particularly fascinating story comes from the Coca-Cola Company's relaunch of their Cappy juice. Hartman writes, Coca-Cola says it's counting on the packaging, introduced in June, to meet the rising consumer demand for new product offerings. The Elopak Slim® carton was selected following extensive consumer research that highlighted the new package as the best fit for Coca-Cola's premium, contemporary juice brand and met the consumer's desire for original beverage-packaging ideas. The tall, svelte carton design distinguishes the juices and nectars from the rest of the market. The stylish package is slimmer than a conventional gable-top carton, with harmonious curves and a large cap for easy pouring.

For more coverage on this design and other, please visit Hartman's article.



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