NYTimes: Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists

How much does appropriate use of typeface matter to you? Are you one of the few that can spot a font disaster in a glance? Do you find yourself mulling over the ubiquitous misuse of Helvetica? Thankfully, you're not alone. In Sunday's New York Times, writer Alice Rawsthorn discusses the problems that font lovers face as they encounter everything from in-store marketing at the Gap to AMC's Mad Men. She writes,it’s always a pleasure to discover a formally gorgeous, subtly expressive typeface while walking along a street or leafing through a magazine. (Among my current favorites are the very elegant letters in the new identity of the Paris fashion house, Céline, and the jolly jumble of multi-colored fonts on the back of the Rossi Ice Cream vans purring around London.) But that joy is swiftly obliterated by the sight of a typographic howler. It’s like having a heightened sense of smell. You spend much more of your time wincing at noxious stinks, than reveling in delightful aromas.

So what about you? Are you burdened by bad design or can you simply let it slide and focus on making your work extraordinary?

Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists



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