How to Spot Web Design Posers

As a web designer, you've worked very hard on your craft and you've created a set pricing list and you're well aware of your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to designing for your client. So what do you do when a client asks you to reduce your price or compete with one of your, less competent competitors? First things first, who is this rival designer or design house and how is it that they can charge so little for their work? 90% of the time, you're rivaled by a web design hack. You surely can spot them; using templates, claiming too much product for too little investment but are there other cues that can signal a web design poseur? Writer Erin Pheil of Summit Daily News lists ways to spot web posers. One tell tale sign, if you find a design house who uses the exact "About Us" section as your company's (yes, this happens). Check out Erin's piece and let us know your thoughts--are there other signals to spotting design hacks?

timeforcake: Beware of web design posers



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