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Did you know that we have an array of LinkedIn groups that are chocked full of design professionals, futurists, freelancers, industry leaders and more? We'd love it if you looked at the list below and joined us in one or a few of our groups.

We promise worthwhile discussion, exclusive discounts and a great opportunity to network and showcase your talents.

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Future Trends

Connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries and future thinkers representing a diverse cross section of industries including Marketing, Brand/Product Management, Consumer Insights, Strategic Planning, Product Development, Innovation, Forecasting, Future Strategy, and Trend Tracking.

Front End of Innovation

This is a group for innovators and individuals who are constantly seeking to innovate and are interested on the front end of innovation. All industries are represented and any professional who is interested in or responsible for innovation is welcome to participate.

Edge of Marketing Group

A networking group that encompasses all aspects of marketing trends, brand strategy and the future of marketing as we consider the unique expectations of each demographic segment.



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