Federer's Monogram Causing a Stir With Tennis Fans

Anna Wintour's favorite tennis player, Roger Fedder is now a case-study in personal branding. The tennis icon has emblazoned his shoes, blazers, cuff links, belt buckles (and maybe more) with his "RF" monogram. Holly Brubach of the New York Times writes, The idea for a monogram emerged from the logo that Mirka Vavrinec, now Federer’s wife, and her father developed for his fragrance, RF-Roger Federer, introduced in 2003. The result was a freehand squiggle. If you knew what you were looking at, you saw the R and the F; if you didn’t, you didn’t. (A three-letter monogram was apparently never an option because Federer has no middle name.)Federer liked the approach and suggested that Nike come up with a strategy along the same lines.“For me, it’s important that a fan can buy something that is related to me,” he said. “Like in soccer, you buy a shirt and it’s got somebody’s name on the back. That’s kind of a cool thing.”His intent was that a monogram would offer a connection as direct but not as literal as a team jersey.

We encourage you to check out RF's monogram and add your own thoughts to his design of personal branding. What do you think?



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